Welcome to Kathryn Forte Sports Massage Therapy. Our aim is to improve the situation or circumstances you, our client, is presenting through effective Sports Massage Therapy.

We believe Sports Massage is not just about peak performance in an athlete’s chosen sport or career; it’s about having an optimum quality of life for everybody.

Most of us experience aches & pains or persistent niggles which can bring you down, and we just put up with it. We want to alleviate those aches & pains for you so you can live your life with one less thing to worry about and perform better, either in your daily life or chosen sport.

Regular massage can help reduce the risk of injury for those individuals with an active lifestyle. Massage is equally effective in relieving tension within muscle tissue helping to balance the musculoskeletal system correctly and therefore improving day-to-day activities.

We offer day time and evening appointments in a clinic setting during the week and an afternoon on a Saturday. We are available for sport events (pre and post event massage), with 1 or more therapists. Please contact us regarding an event booking or to make a general inquiry.

Meet Kathryn

Personal fitness, health, nutrition and wellbeing have been an important part of my life for many years. Now, I am fortunate enough to have made these interests central to a job I love as a Level 3 and Level 4 qualified Sports Massage Therapist, with an additional qualification in Pregnancy Massage.

My route to self-employment as a sports massage therapist has been one of both learning and lived experience. Before running my two enterprises, I enjoyed a successful career in social regeneration, working directly within communities for a national social housing company. In this role, I called upon many of the same qualities as I do now; I am friendly and personable, optimistic, hardworking and, most importantly, driven by a genuine desire to improve people’s lives. However, like many people operating at management level in the modern workplace, I was becoming burnt out due to the relentless pressures of my role. My work/life balance was depleted, and although I endeavoured to eat well and exercise regularly, my wellbeing was suffering.

Things hit a real low when, exhausted and run down, I was involved in a car crash. There followed a series of physiotherapy sessions to help heal an injured shoulder, and a total re-evaluation of my priorities. The physiotherapy, combined with rehabilitation with my personal trainer, really highlighted for me the detrimental impact my work had had on my physical and mental wellbeing. I resolved to change my circumstances.

My initial step was to partner with Herbalife Nutrition, a global nutritional company, which led in turn to my establishing a very successful local fit club. Next, to complement these nutrition and fitness strands of my offer, I enrolled on the Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist course. As soon as I began the programme I knew that sports massage would become a passion. The stage was set for me to redefine my working life, taking nutrition, physical wellbeing and helping others as my starting point for an entirely new way of living.

My Hobbies

A wide and varied selection which include (in no particular order)

Gym / weight training
Running outdoors
Scuba diving

My qualifications, to date


Level 2 in Health and Nutrition
Level 2 in Fitness Instruction
Level 2 Exercise to Music
Pregnancy Massage
Level 4 Sports Massage Therapist
Level 3 Sports Massage Therapist
PADI Assistant Instructor
Level 3 in Coaching
NLP Practitioner
MA in Community and Youth Work
BSc in Health Studies

Herbalife Nutrition

Promoting a healthy active lifestyle

As a keen participant in a range of fitness related activities I've used supplements for several years, perhaps not fully understanding why or the benefits of them.  I was approached by a friend of a friend to give Herbalife Nutrition a go and I've never looked back since.  Love the products and what the company stands for.  They have helped with my fitness recovery as well as energy levels.  With a physically demanding job like Sports Massage I need something that is quick, easy and nutrionally balanced to help me perform on the day.

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